Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dodged a Bullet

The US market experienced a mild correction and was down 94 points yesterday. Intraday, it went as low as 160+ points due to so-so economic data (initial claims, leading indicators), but it rallied because of the statement of Steve Ballmer that Windows 7 is performing well beyond expectations. The shipping stocks, which we have been following very closely the past few days, went down hard and formed 2 day reversals.

Thus, I'm actually feeling good right now given that I sold my shipping stock (HK:2866) at the close yesterday. Yes, I dodged a bullet - which easily could have killed my confidence. However, I don't expect the Hang Seng to go down too much today since it has already been down for 3 days. Nevertheless, I will be very cautious as this may just be start of a deep correction.

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