Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Path to Excellence

Must to my dismay, my team for the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic just a few minutes ago. I was really rooting for Lebron, who I think will really become the best player that ever played the game some day. But before that title, he still has to prove himself, not through individual awards, but through championships. He has to go through the same growing pains that Michael Jordan had to go through to gain the honor of being the best.

The whole situation that Lebron is going through somehow made me think about my own - in trading. I know I have the potential to be one of the best or at least end up as one of the better ones. But before I really realize that potential, I have to go through several difficulties and trials that would test my character. I need to experience losses and depression and everything else that could kill my spirit before I could really elevate my game.

So now, Lebron, like me, is going through a tough time. But I'm sure he'll get over it, the same way I will in a few days. And the sooner the moping ends, the sooner the healing and learning will happen.

But I'm fortunate, unlike Lebron, I don't have to wait a whole year before I could really redeem myself. For me, I'm over my last month's subpar performance (I did well relative to my first few months, but still below my expectations), and I'm now looking on to June. I will work harder, I will be more disciplined and I will not give in easily to my emotions.

Here's to a profitable month.

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